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Meaningful connection matters now more than ever. We've added virtual introduction options to ensure daters can still safely date, love stories can still blossom, and social distancing need not become social isolation in the days and weeks ahead.

What kind of dating service is Tawkify?

A modern dating services company created for single professionals ready for relationship success. Tawkify meets an individual wherever they might be on their personal journey and offers a path to the committed relationship they desire. Checklists and profiles are swapped out for chemistry, connection and compatibility leading to handpicked matches and custom-designed dates. Using a patented predictability model, Tawkify continues to celebrate the hundreds of thousands of lives changed with daily love stories and announcements of commitment milestones.

Does Tawkify hand-select matches?

Tawkify delivers relationship success to singles looking for a lasting commitment. Over the last decade, Tawkify has evaluated, analyzed and hand-selected hundreds of thousands of potential matches for relationship seekers ready to invest in themselves, a new partner and a commitment. A computer, a circumstance or a well-meaning friend often does not get to the heart and mind of the unique individual and the elusive off-paper qualities that turn a spark into a long-term flame.

What makes Tawkify different from other dating services?

The ability to intuit the best journey toward the right partner and evaluate possible long-term compatibility will never be a job for technology and algorithms alone. Tawkify brings a refined process designed to save individuals significant time in finding their best potential partner. Practiced assessments bring forth the subtle aspects of both the individual and their partnership style. By removing the pressure of the search, dating becomes effortless and organic while your privacy and security are protected.

How do I become a Tawkify client?

Click here to schedule an introductory call to embark on your journey to relationship success.

How do I take the first step toward relationship success?

The relationship journey starts with a scheduled phone call. Tawkify conducts an introductory assessment, reviews relationship goals, geographic needs and learns key preferences. Based on unique individual needs, the best path forward will be discussed to include expected time commitment and financial investment. Upon application review by an independent team, the client will either be accepted or contacted for follow-up information or service fit concerns. If accepted, the client will be contracted for an introductory meeting that includes a robust personal assessment on partnership goals, relationship history and individual details that will accelerate the path to success.

What should I expect on my journey with Tawkify?

Beginning with an introductory meeting that includes a robust personal assessment on partnership goals, relationship history and individual details, each client receives a custom journey of expertise, education and guidance based on needs and relationship readiness. Using a patented predictability model, Tawkify handpicks matches and custom-designs dates based on chemistry, connection and compatibility. Not an app, a platform or an online partner shopping experience – rather a high-touch and fully personal process designed to match both an individual and their partner style to another with long-term relationship success as the primary goal.

Clients may prioritize some match criteria but true relationship success comes with self-awareness, an open mind and a heart that is ready for love. Clients who meet their goals with Tawkify all have a few things in common: open to the process, trust the experts, invests in a mid or long range approach, honest with the team and themselves, and open to both expected and unexpected partner options.

What is the financial investment for achieving relationship success?

Achieving relationship success with Tawkify is a financial investment which typically ranges from $2,000 to $40,000 depending on the level of service and custom solution requested.

What is Tawkify’s success rate?

Tawkify typically creates successful relationships within 6-12 matches at an 80% success rate or higher.

How much time should I expect to invest on my journey to relationship success?

Tawkify clients meet an average of one match per month, this mostly depends on schedules and can vary depending on holidays and special circumstances.

What is Tawkify’s geographic availability?

Tawkify clients are similar to the population of the United States – heavily concentrated in larger cities and areas, but also spread out nationwide. Unlike other high-touch relationship services companies, Tawkify is in every state and works to serve clients looking for relationship success no matter where they live.

What is the dating pool?

Tawkify’s continuously growing database consists of over 1 million singles.

How has COVID-19 affected dating with Tawkify?

Tawkify knows that connection matters, a fact that has become more highlighted in recent times. Ensuring the comfort and safety of clients is critical. To further help navigate health concerns, virtual introduction options have been added to ensure clients can still date safely and comfortably.

What age is the average Tawkify client?

Single adults over the age of 18 who are searching for a committed relationship may apply, but the majority of clients are between the ages of 30–60. We have many clients outside of this range that enjoy relationship success as well.

Can I test the service if I’m not ready to fully commit?

Those who are not ready to fully commit to the process may test the service by joining Tawkify’s dating pool to be potentially matched with compatible singles.

How can I contact Tawkify to ask additional questions?

Tawkify is available via phone (1-844-494-7280) from 5am to 10pm PST or email ( to help with more questions or receive feedback.

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